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While Excel is great at creating complex models out of simple calculations, the end result can be unwieldy and difficult to understand. Slate lets you quickly visualise how the sheet works as a whole.

Mistakes are much more obvious and resolving errors is as simple as following the trail of calculations back to the source.

We invite you to think visually.


Display cell precedents.

Select a cell and run Slate. A flowchart representing the logical calculations for that cell will be shown.

Expand precedents.

Simply click on other elements in the tree, the same way you would with the "Trace Precedents" functionality in Excel, to expand the flowchart.

Trace through different worksheets and workbooks to get back to the source data.

Get an overview of the spreadsheet model.

Toggle detail mode to hide the cells for each element in the tree and display only the respective headers.

Our header selection algorithm cleverly identifies the headers and labels in your model.

Group together similar cells.

Our clustering algorithm groups together adjacent cells with similar formulas, allowing you to easily identify inconsistencies.

Choose to enable this, or to trace precedents for just one cell.

Export and share.

Want to print out Slate view or quickly share with colleagues?

Instantly export the result as a PDF or image file.

Evaluate complex formulas.

Slate allows you to evaluate the components of complex nested formulas.

Hover over the component of interest to see its value. Formula definitions and the name and order of parameters are also displayed.


Security of your data is very important to us.

All processing is performed locally on your computer, meaning that the data in your spreadsheet stays where it should be: in your spreadsheet.




Verification of spreadsheet models is imperative to ensuring a quality output. Slate makes understanding and validating work in spreadsheets a much more efficient process.


other's sheets

Slate allows you to understand the logic of how a model has been put together, and breaks it up into distinct, manageable chunks.

Error Check

your models

Quickly trace back to the source of those nasty "#" errors. The visual representation makes it easy to spot inconsistencies.


spreadsheets to clients and colleagues

Export Slate view and include it in your models to describe your logic to others. Present particularly tricky formulas in a visually pleasing manner.


"...the difference between getting it right and getting it very, very wrong."